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Today, we are excited to announce the latest innovative Pi app from the core team:fireside forum, a true Web3 social platform that promotes authenticity, constructive dialogue, and healthier online social interactions by putting token economics at the heart of social interactions.

With Fireside Forum, millions of Pioneers around the world can connect and interact in a responsive, people-driven environment, powered by novel token economics designed to reward positive engagement and discourage negative behaviour. Powered by the Pi cryptocurrency, this mechanism enables Pioneers to organically curate content and moderate behavior, providing our community with the tools to manage the environment in a decentralized manner.

The Vision Behind Pi Fireside Forums

Pi Network envisions a Web3 social network where blockchain technology not only acts as an ownership layer, digital asset storage and distribution layer, but also provides solutions through incentives and disincentives, and enables design through cryptocurrencies to create a new high-quality internet Experience, better content, more authenticity, constructive dialogue, accountability, healthier online social interactions, and more.

The Fireside Forum is just one of the early examples of Pi Network’s innovations based on blockchain technology and our hypothesis for the next generation of online social interaction. Fireside Forum integrates cryptocurrencies and tokens into the core of its social mechanics, helping to automatically regulate online behavior, thereby supporting members to create better content, social interaction and improve user experience in the context of public forums.

How Are Fireside Forums Different?

Fireside Forum aims to use blockchain technology to solve the problems of the current popular Web2 social network and design the future of Web3 social experience.

Pi Network believes that a real Web3 social network should not just imitate Web2 social network products by storing certain content on the blockchain. Instead, it should make progress and improve many of the shortcomings of Web2 social networks, such as the spread of misinformation and false information, cyber violence, information overload, low signal-to-noise ratio, information islands caused by excessive use of machine learning algorithms, ETC.

In Pi Network’s view, Web3 seeks to improve and differentiate itself from Web2 social networks in three main ways: 1) ownership and self-sovereignty; 2) distribution and decentralization; and 3) improved social interaction and experience. although most The Web3 project differs from Web2 in the first respect (e.g. allowing ownership, storage and non-custodial access to digital assets on the blockchain), Some Standing out in the second (decentralized distribution of network resources, e.g. users being able to monetize the online resources they own),rare Is there a lot of innovation in the third aspect of the Web3 space, where blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are combined to directly address the shortcomings of current mainstream social networks and online experiences.

Pi Network has been creating innovative designs and products to differentiate itself from Web2 in all three dimensions. The Pi Network addresses the first two, ownership and distribution, through its blockchain, non-custodial wallets, broad global distribution of Pi to over 45 million participating members, its elite mining mechanism, and continued development on these fronts. At the same time, Pi Network is also innovating with blockchain-based solutions, trying to solve the third aspect, improving social interaction and experience. The Fireside Forum was founded on Pi’s vision of how Web3 should work, previous academic research on issues of social networking and online behavior, and our own assumptions about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can alleviate such issues in legacy networks.

What it means to innovate the next generation of social experiences

The importance of our online social interactions cannot be overemphasized as the digital realm has become an integral part of our daily lives. With more than half the world’s population using social media, the way we communicate, share ideas and form relationships has changed dramatically. As our reliance on these platforms grows, it becomes critical to address the challenges and shortcomings that hinder our online experiences.

In recent years, we have witnessed the negative consequences of unchecked online behavior, such as the proliferation of misinformation, cyberbullying, and the erosion of civic voice. These problems not only affect individual well-being, but also pose a threat to our society. By revolutionizing online social interactions, Pi Network aims to create a healthier and more responsible digital environment where people can communicate meaningfully, learn more and positively impact global society. Additionally, creating more inclusive and constructive online experiences has the potential to drive innovation and collaboration. Reinventing our online social interactions is not just about improving the user experience, but about addressing wider societal issues and unlocking the full potential of the digital world.

Starting with Fireside Forum as its first attempt, Pi Network is committed to laying the foundation for a more responsible, collaborative and thriving online environment where users can thrive and have a meaningful impact on the world around them.

Fireside Forum Design

We’re excited for pioneers to explore the Fireside Forum in depth by experiencing it in the app, but first, we wanted to share a bit about its high-level design. An innovative component of the Fireside Forum tokenomics is the design of its cost mechanism. Fireside Forum Purposescost As a tool for enhancing accountability and increasing authenticity in decentralized social networks; this is often counterintuitive since most social networks want the generation or interaction of social content to be as frictionless as possible. While this mechanism is difficult to implement in existing Web2 social applications, it is easy to implement in Pi Network with millions of crypto-enabled individuals. In-app tokens can be purchased with Pi cryptocurrency on the Pi mainnet and are required to perform almost all actions in the Fireside forums such as posting, replying, interacting, and promoting content. As such, Pi integration is built into the app to facilitate a cost mechanism that drives Fireside Forum activity.

The challenge with this design is also the extent to which this cost mechanism affects social behavior – namely that the cost mechanism is designed to hold people accountable and more authentic without inhibiting communication, constructive exchange of ideas, and good content creation. This challenge is mitigated by the scattered voices and group actions in its design that reward good content or behavior through a combination of cues and costs. Fireside forums are designed to leverage costs and rewards, disincentives and incentives, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, and strike a balance between all of these factors to achieve the goal of improving online social interactions.

There’s more to explore in the Fireside forums, which can be accessed via the Pi Browser. For operations that require in-app tokens, you will need to purchase tokens using the Pi cryptocurrency on the Pi Mainnet.

what’s next

The road to innovation is rarely a straight line. It requires iterating, refining, and sometimes rejecting and redefining our assumptions. The Fireside Forum is just one of the early examples of Pi Network’s innovation on a new network that combines theory with practice, and it will continue to evolve as we learn more from the use of millions of Pioneers.

The Fireside Forum is yet another testament to Pi Network’s commitment to developing utility-focused applications where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are used to address real human needs, create innovations that address larger societal issues, and foster meaningful innovation around the world human connection. We invite you to join us in harnessing the power of blockchain and the Pi cryptocurrency to shape the future of online social life.

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