Celebrate Pi2Day with exciting challenges and prizes on Pi Network!

The Challenge kicks off on Pi2Day, June 28th and ends July 5th at 12:00PM PST.

To celebrate Pi2Day, and further the collective building efforts expressed in the PiDay 2023 announcement, we will be offering Pioneers a self-guided tour of the Pi Ecosystem! The Pi2Day Utility Challenge is an interactive and fun way to explore the various components of the Pi ecosystem and contribute to the use and creation of its various utilities.

Pi2Day Practical Challenges include 11 actions using the many apps within the Pi Platform, celebrating and advocating community-created art, participating in community initiatives, supporting community developers, and continuing to drive tremendous growth of the network.

Through these actions, we are creating an online experience for the Pi community that brings them together to celebrate the network’s ongoing achievements and encourage exploration and further creation of Pi utilities. By participating in this challenge, you have the opportunity to learn more about Pi, contribute to the growth and development of the Pi Network ecosystem, and even win fun Pi giveaways. Which is good for all of us! This Pi2Day celebration brought the community together and showcased the collective power of Pioneers.


As you complete actions and achieve certain milestones along the way, you’ll unlock various prizes. These prizes are mementos that represent your and others’ enthusiastic participation and achievement in this challenge.

those who successfully completeAll 11 moves There will be a chance to win a limited edition Pi2Day t-shirt.

how to start

Your mining app home screen should now have an interactive utility challenge action list for all Pioneers to start today.

  1. Open your Pi Mining app and click the Pi2Day Challenge button on the main screen.
  2. Follow the prompts on the list to complete each action so you can move on to the next one.
  3. Once you complete certain milestones, you will unlock prizes.
  4. Complete all 11 moves to be the winner of the practical challenge for a chance to win a limited edition Pi2Day T-shirt.

Below is a detailed list of action items that constitute practical challenges:

  1. Download Pi Browser:The Pi Browser is a one-stop access point to the Pi Ecosystem, where you can use Pi to purchase goods and services, and use Web 3.0 Pi applications. Pi Browser is required for most actions in this challenge. Make sure to download the Pi Browser from the Pi Community Company in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. create:Pioneers must create a Pi Wallet before migrating any of their Pi mobile balances to the mainnet blockchain for real Pi transactions. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT SHARE YOUR WALLET PIN. Your password can only be entered on the “wallet.pi” URL in Pi Browser in Pi Wallet.
  3. Confirm Pi wallet:Enter your password to complete this step.
  4. Use KYC Reminder: Remind your referral team and security circle members to start their KYC and mainnet migration process. More Pi you mine will be transferred to the mainnet!
  5. Use PiNet to share apps:Visit PiNet,PI Apps on the Open Internetnet. PiNet allows anyone to browse, view, share, and even interact with the content of Web3 Pi applications on the browser of their choice. This product increases the accessibility of the Pi ecosystem for both Pioneers and non-pioneers as we connect Pi to the Web2 world. Currently, this feature is only available for a few selected Pi apps, and will be available for more Pi apps in the future. Today, you can start by sharing content from the Fireside Forum app #PiArtChannel. TIP: Copy the URL at the top of the page and send it to your friends or post it on social media using the hashtag #PiPoweredWorld
  6. Refer projects through the Developer Ambassador Program: Do you know a software developer? Invite them to develop on Pi through the Developer Ambassador Program, help create ecosystem utility, and receive Pi when the project is successful! Please visit this in-app page for details and to invite someone from your network.
  7. To access the Brainstorm app: Visit the Brainstorm app and support the Pi community developer efforts by reviewing and rating your favorite #PiHackathon projects. Your contribution counts every step of the way!
  8. Share your favorite apps on #PiChats: Check out the Testnet Ecosystem UI in Pi Browser to explore some community-made Testnet Pi apps. Then go to the Pi Chats app and tell us what your favorite app is and why!
  9. Join the Fireside Forum: Fireside Forum is a crypto-enabled Web3 social platform that promotes authenticity, constructive dialogue, and healthier online social interactions by putting token economics at the heart of social interactions. Visit and join the app on Pi Browser for the latest Web3 social experience!
  10. Rate your favorite Pi2Day PiArt creations on the Fireside Forum: Visit the #PiArt channel on the Fireside Forums and use your in-app token to add or remove Fire to rate PiArt submissions. If you don’t have tokens, you can still participate by sharing your favorite artwork on social media. Just use the “Share” button on the post and add the #PiPoweredWorld hashtag to your social media posts.
  11. Invite friends to join Pi Network: Did you know that you can increase your mining rate by adding new Pioneers to your referral team? Recommend friends to register Pi accounts and start mining to increase your Pi mining rate. For a chance at the ultimate utility challenge reward, make sure to do the last thing (i.e., your friend create an account and start mining on the app)!

Explore Pi utility with fellow Pioneers, connect with the community, and unlock exciting prizes along the way. Happy Pi2Day, let’s continue to build the Pi project together and build a Web3 future for the world!

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