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Dr. Chengdiao Fan is a Stanford PhD in Anthropological Sciences harnessing social computing to unlock human potential on a global scale.

Chengdiao finished her Ph.D. in Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University, with expertise in human behavior and human groups studies, and her later research interests have focused on human-computer interaction and social computing—specifically, how we use technology to positively impact human behavior and societies.

Her deep understanding about human societies and behavior and those principles—which have been used for previous research projects around productivity software, scaled social communications, and online human relationships and interactions —have influenced her work with Pi Network. With Pi Network, Chengdiao applies those same knowledge and principles to blockchain and decentralization as a real instrument to empower people with more accessible and frequent opportunities for collaboration and utility-building.

By optimizing human-computer interaction and envisioning the future human socioeconomic life through the web, Chengdiao is building Pi Network to mobilize individuals all over the world to participate and be rewarded for their contributions, and establish an inclusive ecosystem for global citizens to unleash and capture their own agency, and in turn create utilities and productions for society and the world.

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