Pi Network:

The Future of Social Cryptocurrency in Web3

47+ Million Engaged Members

An open community powered by a cryptocurrency delivering accessibility and a robust utilities-driven Web3 ecosystem

Free to Mine

Pi is always free to mine on mobile, putting power into the hands of people worldwide for a fairer, more distributed crypto

35+ Core Team Members Globally

From Pi’s headquarters in Silicon Valley to across the United States, Europe and Asia, the Pi Core Team has global reach

Proprietary  & Revolutionary Tech

Pi uses our energy-light mining method with our crowd-scaled KYC solution to provide access and identity verification for Web3

Who We Are

To bring forth a better world of cryptocurrency, the Pi Founders knew they had to integrate theory and practice, applying what they learned in their Stanford PhDs in computer and social sciences to a real-world environment. After identifying key barriers to Crypto accessibility and adoption, the Pi Founders set out to build the next generation of web integrated with blockchain. Pi Network—first becoming available in December 2018 and officially launched on March 14, 2019 (Pi Day), with growing community participation ever since—is their solution. Today, the 35+ full-time Core Team members around the world strive to enable a large, passionate, and globally-spread-out community to make decentralized efforts toward a common purpose.

Our VisionBuild the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer ecosystem and online experience, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely distributed cryptocurrency.

Built for Everyone, By Everyone

Pi Network is a community of tens of millions of humans mining Pi cryptocurrency to use and build the Web3 app ecosystem. This blockchain network relies on its community of Pioneers, and rewards them, through an innovative mobile mining mechanism, for their diverse contributions and digital citizenship in a clear, meritocratic  and decentralized way. 

In order to ensure fairness in Pi mining, secure the Pi blockchain, maintain integrity in the Pi ecosystem, and eventually create and safeguard the community-run governance, it is essential to empower real people around the world and disempower malicious actors, bots, or free riders.

Pi relies on its community of Pioneers to meritocratically mine Pi tokens using their mobile phones, while Pi KYC serves as a core mechanism to ensure true humanity and build collaboration into the network, enabling the community to create a decentralized ecosystem with meaningful use cases for everyday people.  An accessible developer platform, combined with a large, identity-verified and crypto-enabled social network, positions Pi Network to become a pillar of the next wave of technological revolution.

The Founders

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis

Head of Technology Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis is a Stanford PhD and instructor of

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Dr. Chengdiao Fan

Head of Product Dr. Chengdiao Fan is a Stanford PhD in Anthropological Sciences

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